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void TabletApplet::connectDBus (  ) 

Connectes the DBus interfaces for the /Tablet and /Device interface

Prints an error message when one of the interface is not valid

Definition at line 66 of file tabletapplet.cpp.

References m_deviceInterface, m_tabletInterface, and showError().

Referenced by Wacom::TabletSettings::init(), and showApplet().

    delete m_tabletInterface;
    delete m_deviceInterface;

    m_tabletInterface = new QDBusInterface("de.etricceline.Tablet", "/Tablet", "de.etricceline.Tablet");
    m_deviceInterface = new QDBusInterface("de.etricceline.Tablet", "/Device", "de.etricceline.Device");

    if (!m_tabletInterface->isValid()) {
        showError(i18n("DBus connection to the kded deamon not available!\n\nPlease start the wacom tablet deamon and try again.\nThe deamon is responsible for tablet detection and profile support."));
    } else if (!m_deviceInterface->isValid()) {
        showError(i18n("No tablet device was found!\n\nPlease connect the device before you start this module.\nIf the device is already connected refer to the help file for any further information."));

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