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void TabletApplet::updateWidget (  )  [slot]

Updates the widget content and internal values.

Called when the tablet deamon detects that a new tablet was added or the existing tablet has been removed.

Definition at line 81 of file tabletapplet.cpp.

References m_deviceInterface, m_deviceName, m_eraserName, m_padName, m_stylusName, and updateProfile().

Referenced by showApplet().

    QDBusReply<QString> deviceName  = m_deviceInterface->call("deviceName");

    QDBusReply<QString> padName  = m_deviceInterface->call("padName");
    if (padName.isValid()) {
        m_padName = padName;
    QDBusReply<QString> stylusName  = m_deviceInterface->call("stylusName");
    if (stylusName.isValid()) {
        m_stylusName = stylusName;
    QDBusReply<QString> eraserName  = m_deviceInterface->call("eraserName");
    if (eraserName.isValid()) {
        m_eraserName = eraserName;


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