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Wacom::TabletApplet Class Reference

#include <tabletapplet.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class provides the plasma applet with the widget content.

It handles the signal/slot communication and shows either the details for the tablet config and thus a list of all available profiles together with the small possibility to change the pad rotation and pen mode (absolute/relative) or just a simple error message if no tablet is connected or the deamon is not running in the background.

Definition at line 48 of file tabletapplet.h.

Public Slots

void rotateCcw ()
void rotateCw ()
void rotateHalf ()
void rotateNorm ()
void selectAbsoluteMode (bool state)
void selectRelativeMode (bool state)
void setProfile (const QString &name)
void switchProfile (const QString &name)
void updateProfile ()
void updateWidget ()

Public Member Functions

void connectDBus ()
QGraphicsWidget * dialog ()
void showApplet ()
void showError (const QString &msg)
 TabletApplet (TabletSettings *tabletSettings)
 ~TabletApplet ()

Private Member Functions

void buildConfigDialog ()
void buildDialog ()
void buildErrorDialog ()

Private Attributes

Plasma::ComboBox * m_comboBoxProfile
QGraphicsWidget * m_configWidget
QDBusInterface * m_deviceInterface
Plasma::Label * m_deviceName
QString m_eraserName
Plasma::Label * m_errorMsg
QGraphicsWidget * m_errorWidget
QGraphicsLinearLayout * m_layoutMain
QString m_padName
Plasma::RadioButton * m_radioButtonAbsolute
Plasma::RadioButton * m_radioButtonRelative
QString m_stylusName
QDBusInterface * m_tabletInterface
QGraphicsWidget * m_widget

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