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Wacom::ProfileManagement Class Reference

#include <profilemanagement.h>

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Detailed Description

The profilemanagement is used as general tablet independent backend to store all parameters per profile The KConfig approach is used to store the user data. To apply the profiles the deviceinterface has to interpret the profile information into whatever the device backends expect. Profiles are saved by tablet name and thus it is possible to have the same profile names for different tablets

Definition at line 36 of file profilemanagement.h.

Public Types

enum  PadButton { Pad_Disable, Pad_Button, Pad_Keystroke, Pad_QuoteDbl }
enum  PenButton {
  Pen_Disable, Pen_LeftClick, Pen_MiddleClick, Pen_RightClick,
  Pen_DoubleClick, Pen_Button, Pen_Keystroke, Pen_QuoteDbl,
  Pen_ModeToggle, Pen_ScreenToggle, Pen_DisplayToggle
enum  TwinView {
  TwinView_None, TwinView_Vertical, TwinView_Horizontal, TwinView_LeftOf,
  TwinView_AboveOf, TwinView_Xinerama

Public Member Functions

KConfigGroup availableProfiles ()
KConfigGroup configGroup (const QString &section)
void createNewProfile (const QString &profilename="default")
void deleteProfile ()
PadButton getPadButtonFunction (const QString &buttonParam)
PenButton getPenButtonFunction (const QString &buttonParam)
 ProfileManagement (QDBusInterface *deviceInterface)
QString profileName () const
void reload ()
void setProfileName (const QString &name)
QString transformButtonFromConfig (PenButton mode, QString &buttonParam)
QString transformButtonFromConfig (PadButton mode, QString &buttonParam)
QString transformButtonToConfig (PenButton mode, const QString &buttonParam)
QString transformButtonToConfig (PadButton mode, const QString &buttonParam)

Private Attributes

QDBusInterface * m_deviceInterface
QString m_deviceName
QString m_profileName

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