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Wacom::DeviceHandler Class Reference

#include <devicehandler.h>

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Detailed Description

This is the handler for all tablet devices Allows the tablet detection and builds the interface between the KConfig related module and the tablet settings via xsetwacom and in the future some other driver backends

Definition at line 41 of file devicehandler.h.

Public Slots

Q_SCRIPTABLE QString companyId () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString companyName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString cursorName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString deviceId () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QStringList deviceList () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString deviceModel () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString deviceName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString eraserName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString getConfiguration (const QString &device, const QString &param) const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString getDefaultConfiguration (const QString &device, const QString &param) const
Q_SCRIPTABLE bool hasPadButtons () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE bool isDeviceAvailable () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString name (const QString &name) const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString padName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE void setConfiguration (const QString &device, const QString &param, const QString &value)
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString stylusName () const
Q_SCRIPTABLE QString touchName () const

Public Member Functions

void applyProfile (KConfigGroup *gtprofile)
 DeviceHandler ()
void reloadDeviceInformation ()
 ~DeviceHandler ()


QString companyID
QString companyName
QString cursorName
QString deviceID
QStringList deviceList
QString deviceModel
QString deviceName
QString eraserName
bool hasPadButtons
bool isDeviceAvailable
QString padName
QString stylusName
QString touchName

Private Member Functions

bool detectDeviceInformation (const QString &companyId, const QString &deviceId)
bool detectTablet ()
bool findSerialDevice ()
bool findUSBDevice ()
bool findWacomDevList ()
bool findXInputDevice ()
void selectDeviceBackend (const QString &backendName)
bool setDeviceInformation (const QString &companyId, const QString &deviceId)

Private Attributes

DeviceHandlerPrivate *const d_ptr

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